Uncompromised performance lubricants

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KCK lubricants is 100% Australian owned, blended, manufactured and bottled.


RE11KCK Lubricants has been developing and refining its range of oil products since 1982, many top level motorsport teams have used and still use KCK’s products with great success in a wide variety of motorsport disciplines. 

With constant investment and development to ensure we meet the demands of the modern race car has ensured a world class product with noticeable benefits over the competition with increases in service life, reduced failures and increases in power.

These products are NOT blended to keep the price down, it is NOT ‘watered’ down to meet budget or a minimum standard.  This is a NO COMPROMISE performance oil for NO COMPROMISE performance engines and customers that demand the best possible products for their vehicle.

KCK Lubricants uses only the best available materials and the most accurate manufacturing methods to produce a level of quality higher than most. With the extensive use of virgin Group II Hydrocracked, Group III, Group IV and Group V Synthetic base oils, extremely shear stable Viscosity Modifiers, additives to the highest standards couple with all of our base oils and additives being introduced by weight for accuracy and then ‘hot blended’ to ensure the best possible bonding of all component ingredients in the manufacturing process and ensuring the elimination of additive "dropout".

It is widely known and accepted that lubricants made with Group 2 Hydrocracked base oils offer better Thermal Stability, better Oxidation Stability, longer service life and better component protection over the more traditional products made with Group 1 mineral oils.



  • * Reduced friction
  • * Improved power
  • * Fuel conservation
  • * Prolonged service life
  • * Exceptional cleanliness
  • * Inhibits fuel soot gelling
  • * Exceptional thermal stability
  • * Sustains oil pressure
  • * Minimises oil consumption