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10w40 PAO Extreme Racing Engine Oil

$159.50 Weight: 0.5 kg

EXTREME 10w40 PAO Racing Engine Oil


Utilising the very latest in oil technology KCK has delivered a full PAO synthetic 10w40 delivering an extremely shear stable high molecular weight petrol engine oil developed for high performance race engines, EXTREME 10w40 contains 2400 ppm ZDDP antiwear offering EXTREME and unmatched wear protection 

EXTREME 10w40 meets or exceeds;  SAE 10w40 race engine oil, API SN/CF ... ACEA A3/B3, A5/B5-16 HTHS rated at 150 deg C, contains 2400 PPM Zinc antiwear

This product is made using Group 4 Synthetic PAO (poly-alphs-olefins) also using Group 5 Esters to further enhance product specific performance. 


Australian Made and Owned

5 Litres