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KCK Testimonials

Nissan Navara owner

Using the vehicle as a work truck it is loaded with tools and has always blown black smoke and left the sign writing on the tail gate black. Within 50km of adding KCK RE37 fuel system conditioner the black smoke had stopped and there was a noticeable increase in power and torque. Highly recommended.

Holden Colorado owner

I was unhappy with the power and fuel economy I was getting from the turbo diesel Colorado and tried the KCK RE37 fuel system conditioner. Within half a tank I found I didn’t need to change back gears on the same hills I drove every day, the engine appeared to run smoother and quieter. Fuel economy has been extended by almost 200km every tank!

Suzuki Swift owner

My engine light was coming on and off intermittently when a mechanic diagnosed the problem as a faulty O2 sensor. I was horrified at the price and a friend suggested trying KCK fuel system conditioner, desperate to save money I gave it a try and have never had a problem since, engine light is off and car is running perfectly again.

Formula Ford owner

Having supplied several ‘kent’ engines for the formula ford series over the years I have always used the KCK RE11 mineral racing oil. We have won many races and even championships but I feel the greatest achievements is none of these engines have ever experienced a lubrication failure, ever. The service life of the engines have been stretched, we have also found this oil product delivers more power consistently throughout different oil temperatures.

Blown Alcohol dragster owner

The KCK RE11 mineral oil has kept us racing! Not only saving us money on maintenance but we have had no expensive engine failures since switching to KCK. Every run the engine crosses the finish line at over 8,500rpm, as soon as the double chutes hit the oil light is on! No oil pressure at 8,000rpm + run after run. The engine gets pulled down every 50 runs for a new set of alloy rods (due to rod stretch) and there has never been any sign of bearing damage or excessive wear.

Formula 3 team owner

Our team has used both the mineral based oil (Competing in Formula Ford) and full synthetic (Competing in Formula 3) over a period of 10 years without one failure. Our engine builders in both classes have been very impressed with the lack of wear considering the racing environment and stress these engines have been put through. We have been given opportunities to use other brands of oil, given the success we have had over the years with KCK we do not believe this to be an option. "To finish first, first you must finish" and our oil of choice has helped us achieve this over many races.

1JZ drift car owner

I switched to KCK after a friend recommended it to me. I always drive my 500+HP drift car to the race track and then I spend all of race day on the rev limiter then drive home again. I am able to get a lot longer out of the oil before changing it. Oil pressure is much more stable than before and the engine temps are cooler than ever.

Volkswagen Amarok owner

At the first service I insisted on using KCK synthetic engine oil, instantly I noticed the engine was quieter and didn't have the normal diesel engine rattle, I was also pleasantly surprised at the extra 100km per tank of fuel.

Yamaha YZFR1 owner

Instantly after switching to KCK RE11 I noticed the gearbox and clutch was quieter, the engine ran cooler and noticeably smoother with seemingly more power, I refuse to use any other product in my track or road motorcycles.

Hyundai Excel cup car owner

We use KCK synthetic in all of our Hyundai Excel Cup cars. Quite simply it is one less thing for us to worry about at the track, we always have rock solid oil pressure and incredible service life from all our engines.

Mitsubishi Evo owner

We switched to KCK RE16 synthetic engine oil in our endurance track car after being unhappy with the wear rates and sludge deposits from the previous product. Since changing we have never experienced any abnormal wear or failures from worn engine parts. Oil drains have been extended to triple that of the previous engine oil and oil consumption is basically zero throughout all endurance races even with the 8,800RPM shift points. The constant pressure on the engine from the high RPM and extreme temperatures from the turbo are handled with ease hour after hour of competition.